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Rocky Mountain Wooly Weeders / Napa Valley Lamb


Rocky Mountain Wooly Weeders is an open range sheep herding company. We provide milk fed lamb to the finest restaurants in the country. Our sheep are East Friesian milking sheep, which are well suited for the sheep dairy industry. We also provide an environmentally sensitive mowing service for vineyards and open lands. Our service is provided from the Pacific Coast to the Rocky Mountain region.

Milk fed lamb is a description for the lamb we provide to fine restaurants. These lambs are usually less than six months old. Our lamb is taken directly off of its mother’s side at an age when it is still provided with an ample supply of milk. The meat is very subtle in flavor and soft in texture.

Our East Friesian breed of sheep is famous for providing milk to cheese makers. We use the maternal characteristics of the breed to nurse our lambs. Our lambs are raised with the ample supply of milk that only milking sheep can provide. The ewes are then available for milking. We are suppliers to the dairy industry for healthy durable milking ewes.

Vineyards in the wine country have employed our mowing service for more than a decade. We can make almost any grassland look like a golf course in a matter of days. We use "cell" grazing techniques to remove frost and fire hazards. Noxious weeds are our specialty. We are able to leave a healthy biodynamic soil and sward after we leave. We are the only mowers that we know of which mow, weed and fertilize at the same time.

You can e-mail us at:  don@woolyweeders.com

Rocky Mountain Wooly Weeders
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